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Published on December 30th, 2011 by

The two biggest fly fishing competitive events of the year: FIPS-Mouche European Championships, in Portugal, on 13th – 20th May and the World Championship, Slovenia, on 3rd – 10th June.

There has been much speculation recently about FIPS limiting the length of a leader to 18′ overall.  This cannot be confirmed until FIPS have met to discuss the issue in April, but it seems likely that the change will be ratified.  The current ruling as copied from the FIPS-mouche website is as follows:

27.1. A single monofilament leader may be used, of any length.
27.2. Leaders may be knotted or knotless, and continuously tapered down or level. A single loop may only be used to connect a leader to a fly line.
27.3. Neither sinking nor floating devices may be added to the leader.

The main changes are likely to limit the leader length (probably including tippet) to 18′, and to exclude the use of either braid or coiled indicator sections.

Fly line/leader manufacturers are currently working on a hybrid line/presentation leader system, which will, of course, precipitate further rule changes at World and European championship level.  In the meantime, I have designed an ‘international’ version of the presentation leader which conforms exactly to the expected FIPS rule change.  See the presentation leader page on this website.

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