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News Posts

Published on January 2nd, 2012 by

This is a post on which we will be publishing news and other items.

Please contact us by email (jlucas@presentationflyfishing.com) with anything you feel appropriate to add to this section of the presentationflyfishing site.  We will be very interested to hear comments about products and techniques; as well as the whole area of development in this area, which is currently the most rapid in the entire sport.


Please be ever watchful for pollution or other environmental damage to our lakes and rivers. Almost all of this goes unseen or unreported. Any incident (in Britain) should be reported immediately to the Environment Agency hotline, 0800 807060. Remember, even muck spreading too close to a watercourse is illegal and does considerable damage to wildlife. Report it and at worst nothing will happen; at best you might just save a river or pond from the agricultural abyss that is destroying post Common Agricultural Policy Europe.