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Last of winter, 2013

Published on February 22nd, 2013 by

All has changed, or so it seems.  Gone are the persistent rains that plagued us for, well, throughout 2012 since the spring.  The river is fantastic now, with dry air and drying ground; though cold.  I was out yesterday on the Appleby water

grayling, Eden, pink tup bug, 16and caught several grayling, three of which were big (42-46cm).  I fished tenkara at 8m, enjoying the simplicity of the method every much as its delightful effectiveness, while using double nymph rigs at short range.  Every fish came to a size 16 tup bug on the dropper.  It was curious how not a single fish came to the heavy Euro jig on point, though I think it was essential to have such a heavy pattern on point  in the sacrificial role.

My friend, and Appleby angling member, Tom Speak has been fishing the Welsh Dee a great deal lately, in preparation for the northern regional qualifier.  I am delighted to report that last Sunday he comfortably won his session and is now in the national final, to be fished this year on the Dart in July.  This young competitor is exceptional among the new wave of British anglers who have taken on board a more ‘European’ approach to rivers much more than previous  generations.

Please note that the European trips are now all full, other than a place remaining in the Czech week and the San week.  Please get in touch if you are interested in these.

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