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Presentation Fly-Fishing – Published

Published on March 20th, 2014 by

Robert Hale, LondonMy new book is in the publication process, with an official publication date of 31st March.  Among my writing about fly fishing I am most pleased with this book, above all the rest.  I think it is more than a summary of the development of a particular area of the sport.  It is, I hope, my pooled experience through 50 years with a fly rod, focusing on the most elegant form of fly fishing – or rather, fishing in general – that exists; the single-handed fly rod, with fixed or running line, for trout and grayling. Unlike my former books, and articles from years ago, this book feels fresh and exciting, at least to me, and I cannot see the underlying principles ever being out-dated.  It has been such a long and happy journey, with all my fishing companions, in all those remarkable and beautiful places where I have been privileged to fish for trout and grayling.  And in spite of all the human pressures that threaten these places, and the habitats and wildlife they support, we can still go out there and fish; surely somewhere towards the apex of possibilities in terms of skills acquired and experiences shared.  It is still there for us.  Presentation Fly-Fishing is, really, about how we arrived here and the exploration of this special, refined state we have achieved.

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