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Artois July

Published on July 13th, 2014 by
L'ombre; l'Aa à Ouve Wirquin. 43cm.

L’ombre à Ouve Wirquin; l’Aa; 43cm

Last Friday, after heavy rain on Thursday night, Lawrence and I again visited l’Aa at Ouve Wirquin, which in my view is perfection in a chalk stream. The river was running through fast, but clear enough.  Typical of a healthy chalk stream, the Aa maintains a more or less constant flow rate, and colours only a little even after prolonged rain.  L'Aa at Ouve WirquinAlthough there was no significant hatch (we saw only a trickle of pale wateries) we both could see fish nymphing in the shallows, though these were very difficult to approach, spooking at a fly line in the air or a too-hurried movement on the bank. Conditions were ideal though, with cloud cover, and very mild. Again we fished duo, with a sacrificial Oppo holding up a jig pattern. In two and a half hours we caught between us nine fish, and five of them were grayling! one of our lovely trout from l'AaThe biggest grayling was 43cm. So far as nymph fishing goes, I cannot possibly ask for more than l’Aa can yield to a very careful approach.no kill section of l'Aa at OuveOf course, one wishes that the fish were more often on the surface. I have only twice so far experienced strong enough hatches to lift the fish consistently to the surface.  Nymph feeding prevails through much of each day.  I can live with this on such a healthy river and there are opportunities enough for dry fly. Indeed, l’Aa has already taught me more about nymph fishing and I am enjoying this challenge a great deal.  l'Aa I think I need it, although Lawrence is not so sure!

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